Dear exhibitor, we would like to draw your attention to the following some steps, which will help you coordinate you preparation for the exhibition:

  • Set clear, measurable objectives. Define what you are focussing on: are you attracting new clients, launching new products, entering a new market, or strengthening your customers' loyalty?
  • Discuss your participation options with the organisers. From demonstrating your products at the exhibition to sponsorship packages, we can provide you with information on the best solutions to achieve your objectives.
  • Appoint an exhibition coordinator for organising your participation. Train and motivate staff working at the exhibition - send your best employees for the exhibition.
  • Prepare a detailed budget - allot funds beforehand for covering the costs of designing the stand and all supplementary marketing material to ensure your company has everything necessary for the exhibition.
  • Invite your customers and potential clients to your stand.
  • Announce your participation online.
  • Work on developing relationships with new clients. You will find new contacts during the exhibition; don't forget to contact them after the event.

Advice for attracting visitors to your stand

  • Place an exhibition banner (with a link to online registration) on your website's main page inviting visitors to your stand. Request the correct banner or logo size from the organisers.
  • Invite people to your stand with advertising materials before the exhibition.
  • Include the exhibition banner or logo (with a link to online registration) in your colleagues' email signatures.
  • Let us know your company's advantages and products that you will be presenting at the exhibition, send information on your innovations and top products for us to include information on your company on the website and email campaigns.